Fixing “Intel High Definition Audio” on Windows 10/11

I have a laptop that was not able to play Audio under Windows for about a year now. The “Intel High Definition Audio” device was shown with yellow exclamation mark and no driver re-installation would do anything. I even tried refreshing Windows, it did not help. With another operating system Audio would work, so it was not a hardware issue.

Yesterday I had my quarterly google-session about that problem and found this reddit thread.

Finally audio works again! I hope this post can be found with google by the next person who has that problem…

You need to start an elevated cmd prompt (Windows key, type cmd in the search, press Shift+Ctrl+Enter). Then you run this command:

pnputil /enum-drivers

This will output quite a lot of text, I copied that into notepad to search for the entries Original Name: intcaudiobus.inf. In my case, there where two of these entries. They have a Published Name: oemXXX.inf, im my case it was oem103.inf and oem153.inf.

Then you do pnputil /delete-driver oemXXX.inf /uninstall (twice, in my case). After a reboot sound will work again.