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Mon 19 December 2022
kubernetes is not a system for deploying containerized applications
Thu 17 November 2022
Using rsync to copy files to and from a kubernetes pod
Tue 14 December 2021
kubernetes I: Motivation, Network setup and installing kubernetes
Tue 30 November 2021
Using a network namespace as NAT router for a VPS
Thu 12 August 2021
Site to site VPN using IPSec virtual tunnels and BGP
Sun 11 October 2020
m-net DS-Lite Anschluss mit pfSense
Fri 14 February 2020
My Project Cyclops Lite
Thu 13 February 2020
The Arduino eco system
Thu 24 May 2018
Moving videos watched with kodi to another directory
Wed 14 February 2018
Copying custom properties from one set of zfs snapshots to another
Wed 01 November 2017
Controlling 3DSlicer
Wed 01 November 2017
Listing (and possibly removing) the ZFS snapshots using the most space
Sun 01 October 2017
Adding all github-forks as remotes
Sun 01 October 2017
git: Moving a feature branch up the main-line until it has a conflict