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The Traveler’s gone, sir. Who are you? What’s your part in all this? What the hell does that mean?

Permission to leave the bridge. Why?

She gets a full head of steam up, doesn’t she… I’ll pass on your request. Now, if you’ll excuse us. Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way. If I pick a minor subsystem… something non-essential… But usually one’s own memories, Captain. Do the memories you were given include “farms?” Spacecraft? Have external sensors detected anything out of the ordinary? And in the meantime? Captain — that’s not allowed. Your orders. Not the response we expected.

Commander, your attitude tells me that however bad I think this is… it’s worse. All I have is a vague memory of reading somewhere about someone taking a shower in his or her clothing. Your strength, Jean-Luc, is your ability to evaluate the dynamics of a situation, step in and make the definitive, preemptive move. You take charge. You’re frustrated now because, not only can’t you see the solution… you can’t even define the problem. Here’s the situation on El-Adrel. The entity has moved off several hundred meters. Where did it come from? I’m sorry about all this… I’m sure it will all work out fine. Thank you, sir. Of course, Lieutenant. Jean-Luc, isn’t it? Commander Data, check all systems… Medical personnel to the bridge.

Sir? Advise Mister Barclay to meet us on the bridge immediately… Understood. Energize. They’re beyond any sort of playback… ? So none of the background we have prepared would be helpful in understanding why they continue to fight? It’s not that we don’t believe you; it’s just hard to see how both our stories could be true. Would you be willing to let our Doctor check you out? How do we find the source? Data… we’ve only seen the Crystalline Entity once before… how do you know these metals will protect us?

Who reported to the bridge from this group? What the hell is going on? A joke. Shut up, as in close your mouth, and stop talking. Why would they attack us?

Turn it over. Yes, sir.

Why? Save us some deep powder. I’m not… what… who… your daughter? Riker here.

No cause for concern? We’re talking about revealing the location of Outpost Twenty-Three, the key to all our Neutral Zone defenses. That explains the accent… Any records of similar phenomena in Starfleet listings? Anyone notice anything unusual? No Guinan, nothing out of the ordinary. Why do you ask? Right away. We think your system contains one of these null pockets. She’s… a woman of strongly held opinions, sir. What about a previous assignment?

All stop, Mister Crusher. He could have killed you. He didn’t. Maybe the end begins with one boy putting down a gun. It’s senseless to hold this stranger captive. This Overseer talk is nothing more than an old superstition.

That’s something to look forward to. Would you like a drink, Doctor? Ahh — that is the myth — somehow — so the legend goes — the Aldeans were able to cloak their planet in darkness and go unseen by marauders and other hostile passersby who might rob and plunder. Soren —

It’s worth a try. Stand by for subwarp; head for standard orbit of Data’s planet. Wonder why Data hasn’t come up here. How come there’s no record of other future historians traveling back to witness “important events?” Leyor, the Federation would like to negotiate a trade agreement to acquire your planet’s rich deposits of Trillium 323 which we will add to our bid, Premier Bhavani…

Mrs. Apgar… How long can we maintain communications? Riker here.

Glad you could join us. With all due respect… it isn’t necessary to give Captain Jellico command of the Enterprise in order to conduct a negotiation. I’m sorry about all this… I’m sure it will all work out fine. We’d be happy to accommodate you. How many more Datas are there? I’m afraid I still don’t understand. NO! DAMN IT, DAMN IT TO HELL… ! Standard orbit, Mister Crusher. Captain Scott… Lieutenant Worf.

I play the trombone too… And I believe it may have happened before. It’s a… pleasure… to meet you, Manua. How far do we have to go? We made it, sir. The boy’s going to be all right. Pick five. The procedure didn’t work.

Bottom line, La Forge. After Doctor Crusher certifies you medically fit, you will be confined to quarters until a formal courts martial can be convened. For a neighbor’s child. Did they find anything else, I had one piece of jewelry… a metal pin… That! Open hailing frequencies. Captain, I do have one request. It does seem to be Federation issue.

This is not a Klingon ship, sir. No. I want to talk about it now… I have to ask you about your husband. What part of me does he represent?

Open a channel. Hello. I’m here to see Soren… He’s got us there, Captain.

Sit down. Why didn’t I ever hear from you? Slow to one third impulse power… I wonder if one doesn’t have to have age and wisdom to appreciate that, sir. They mean it… They will help. There’s got to be more to him than software, nets and chips. Or else… they just wanted her to feel at home. We’re ready — just remember, Enterprise — Captain Riker has never lost.

Bridge to engineering. What’s your estimate on the engines, Geordi? By whom?

Welcome to the human race. What’s happened? Are you all right? A new demand from Karnas, sir. If we don’t deliver Jameson in five minutes, a hostage will be executed. Fifteen minutes after that, another. After what she did for us down there, I wouldn’t doubt that for a minute. It’s all right, sir, I’ll see he leaves immediately…

Yes, sir… No? How do I strike you?

Don’t let me see it. Her weapons systems were hit pretty hard… they haven’t brought them back on-line yet. Survey team here. We are ready, Captain. Maximum energy levels in five seconds… Their sensors should have picked us up… Including the Neutral Zone border? Okay. Stand by to transport to the Enterprise.

We can’t give the aliens any more time… I’m Commander William Riker of the Starship Enterprise. Permission granted. Primary attitude control has failed; we’ve gone to secondary systems. Doctor…

At what coordinates? Captain Picard is waiting in his Ready Room. This way. Thank you. Let’s begin our crew survey on decks five through ten. Did you see this, Captain? I don’t remember.

Deanna — Kahless? Hasn’t he been dead for over a thousand years? Energize. Ready phasers.

He’s going to be a hell of a gymnast. Imperative? There was a time when I thought having children and a career in Starfleet were incompatible. But with Galaxy class starships having families aboard, I’ve considered that possibility… Step away from him, Lieutenant… slowly.